Friday, April 23, 2010


Sorry I have been absent for so long! I work like crazy, work a lot, maybe too much, but... I have earn, so no choice. I live in such strange country, our work and time is really cheap, everything else isn't, so...

It doesn't hurt me, besides I love be busy!

Making bags is exciting and sometimes creative. Sometimes because not often I have special, great ideas for handbags.

I try be active on Etsy, there are POLEtsy, Polish team, I'm proud belong to this!

Here is our blog:

Yeah, it is exciting too!

Something good happened, something is changing...


LB Bijou said...

Thank you for your lovely words and support !!
Our country is as " strange " as yours .. so living of hand made it's hard, but rewarding in other ways .. I love being handfull too, but my big tummy it's already slowing me down a bit.. I just dont realize that I'm almost seven month pregnant !!! I have to change some limits !
Please show me more of your mother crochet and don't miss my next etnic's necklaces !
M ;)

Bag Lady said...

Dear Mariana, I think about you! I wish you double health.
I admire your talent too!
Best regards!

Charlie and Serena said...

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