Sunday, November 28, 2010


Again excuse me I have been absent for so long - I fight all time, it is never ending battle!
I work of course too, but have small rezults, it isn't easy when doctors call me all time to hospital, when give chemo, check my blood so often. I'll never use to this, I get scared every time getting bundle of nerves.
But... I don't let leukemia to rule! No! I'm only owner of myself, leukemia is only persona non grata!

Today I want to show a piece of my "workshop", because it isn't true workshop, isn't comfortable, because is small very much. Everything on 10 metres square, my machines, materials, tables, other furnitures and me. I must work there for now, and don't complain too often. Hope soon will be change, good change and dreams come to reality!
I miss to visit your blogs!