Sunday, September 6, 2009


I still have troubles with my new HP laptop, I was naive thinking, that it will be good?
I work of course, and try have fun. I hate fight stupid obstacles, but it is life, this great life! In one hand joy in second surprices, not only nice.
Instead complain I make my bags and try be back to my profession: weaving. We will see what happen soon.
Thank you all for this nice, warm words for me! I'm extremly introvert, but I love people!


agapitos said...

Je peux dir que sont tres jolie
Very fine blog and photos
Agapitos from Greece

LB Bijou said...

Finally !! I really missed you ! and see your bags, because I only see them trough this blog ... Wish Bsg lady were in shop over here !!!

I hope your laptop keep working, but, You're right, no PC , more handwork !!


myan photography/zuppaartista said...

i hope your laptop will be up & running soon!
i love that kitty bag btw! :)

Bag Lady said...

Thank you very much! I have to live with troubles, but I'm still alive!
Kind regards!

baglady said...

ta z kotkiem jest piekna!

Anonymous said...

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