Friday, July 24, 2009


No good weather here, is raining even now and will be next thunderstuck again. My mood went down, to the bottom, so I make "candies" - something nice to up my private atmosphere and share with friends. Yes, share smile and this cute brooches.
I'm on Etsy and still feel there new... try guess how to do sales, how to behave. I'm worker type, not saleman, besides know that a lot depends on advertising. To advertise myself?! Oh, it's a pain!
Yes this world isn't good for shy people, so I teach myself to be brave. Hmmm... I'm brave in life, but on business I feel like baby!


LB Bijou said...

Thank you for all the nicest thing that you say of my work I really apreciate it!!
And how great idea this brooche of a peacock feather !! beatifull really.
And I share your feeling about sales, I,m not good at all. I just sale what they want to buy .. If you know what I mean.

GO on !!

Bag Lady said...

Dear, I understand fully! The best way will be if our stuffs can sell themself!
wish you the best!