Sunday, June 14, 2009


Linen is great fabric, I like even smell of raw grey one. Pity on the photos doesn't look good, but really every linen handbag is special.
I put here applique of special kind os satin with a lot copper hues. Rose looks like was done of desert sand.
I miss summer, sunny weather hot very much!


LB Bijou said...

I agree with you that the photo doesn't honor your work , because It happens to me all the time!! I look my work very proud and then the photos grrrr !! They don't respect even the colors of it !
Anyway your handbag is great!!

Chau (good bye in spanish)

katie said...

what a beautiful bag! i love linen, too.

Dil said...

can you tell me what are the materials to make it? thx a lot

Bag Lady said...

Thank you very much.
dil, I used linen fabric and special kind od satin, maybe it is taffeta? Techniques: applique and quilting.