Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I work on new bag series, one shape many colours. I never feel bored, it is so exciting to make bags and try to guess, if girls will like this!

Every bag has brooch, I have a lot fun making funny pin up!


Иринушка-Сирень said...

Прекрасная сумка! Очень понравилась!

Dominic Philibert said...

Nice series!!!!!!!!!!
Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gitte said...

It is so lovely, and romatic ;-)

LB Bijou said...

Hello there ! I pass to see what's new and I saw this beautifull bags ! Even though here in Argentina we are entering Autumm now and it`s a bit boring color's season like grey, burgundi, violet, but is refreshing to see what's coming soon !! And the picture upclose of this flower allows to really see your art work !!

Bag Lady said...

Иринушка-Сирень спасибо - у тебя чудеса!
Gitte, I like your blog very much, pity can't read.

LB Bijou, we have spring time now, soon - hope - will be summer, but I aways miss colours! Thank you very much!

MiMi said...

Moja ulubiona jest boska :))
Ten kwiat jest piękny zachęciłaś mnie do stworzenia podobnego :)
Pozdrawiam Mimi