Friday, April 24, 2009


I have always difficult start of days... Mornings are lazy, so lazy and slow. On morning I designing, or make "simply" bags. When I can't wake up I go out to jogging. And of course ocean of coffee! Luckily now days are longer and longer. I love natural lightning and of course work long, very long. My day finish is about 2AM often. I'm owl, it is sure. Very busy one.


Marqueta said...

Hello there!

I noticed you had visited my blog and came by to see yours; your bags are so pretty! You are very creative. They make me in the mood for spring and summer!



Bag Lady said...

Thank you: I was happy when found your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love this bag.


LB Bijou said...

Hi ! Thank you for visit my blog and leave such pretty comments .. Y look for yours and I had the nicest surprise when I saw your bags !! love them all !
(sorry for my english, I don't have many oportunities to practice it)

Best wishes !!

Bag Lady said...

Thank you very much! My English isn't good, I realize, but maybe worse is silent?

LB Bijou said...

Cześć - Hola !

Nou , we will succeed !!